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Why Advertise on Radio?


More than 90% of adults tune in to radio every week.


Radio is more cost-effective than other mediums.


Radio reaches consumers in more places than other media.

Radio can extend your marketing reach via station web site, social media and exciting station and community events.



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Why Advertise on TheDRIVE and El Zorro Radio Latino


As locally owned and operated stations, TheDRIVE and El Zorro are staffed by people who know the market and understand the competitive landscape your business operates in. 

Having local decision-makers also allows us to offer more flexible rates and packages to local sponsors.


America’s most entertaining morning show, a music 

format based on Rock artists with proven adult appeal and well-known, local on-air personalities makes TheDRIVE a particularly effective marketing partner for businesses seeking to attract the most sought-after consumers in the region. 


DRIVE programming and client services decisions are tailored to what’s best for area listeners and sponsors. Being locally owned also allows us to play up to 30% more music per hour than stations run by outside corporations.


Playing the most music has an obvious benefit to listeners. But sponsors win too. 

With fewer commercials per hour and shorter commercial breaks on TheDRIVE, your ad is less likely to be tuned out or to run in a commercial break that includes an ad for a competitor.

Who you reach matters. Listeners who choose a station that’s more entertaining and plays more music also earn and spend more.  

Bob & Tom Show
 and DRIVE listeners outspend the median in multiple key consumer index categories.


24/7 online streaming through the station website and via free Android and Apple apps extends that reach globally, allowing you to influence people visiting or returning to the area before they arrive.


In addition to compelling regular programming, daily features include sponsorship opportunities that allow your business to derive audience credit from its association with popular segments like the
10 O'Clock Free Ride, Live@5, The Recovery Room with Doctor Jerry Kraus, Live In Concert, Floydian Slip, and Sammy Hagar's Top Rock Countdown, and a regular roster of Feature Weekends.




One of the market’s only state-of-the-art digital transmitters delivers your marketing message to listeners throughout Central New York.




The active role TheDRIVE plays in community events and causes provide multiple opportunities for clients to gain added recognition and credit for their involvement with ones they align with.


Our commitment goes above and beyond meeting public service airtime requirements. Members of the staff donate their time  and energy in support of a number of causes and organizations  that  provide essential services or  contribute to the quality of life in the Mohawk Valley.






Station events also give clients the chance to make a favorable impression in front of thousands of consumers throughout the year.





Local on-air personalities and popular special features make TheDRIVE especially effective in delivering your message to current and future customers.


Compelling social media content also provides additional and effective way a traditional media partner can fast-track your ability to reach and influence potential and existing customers.


For information on ways TheDRIVE and El Zorro Radio Latino can help you reach your goals, get in touch with a member of our marketing team at 315-889-8088, or by e-mail WXUR@HOTMAIL.COM or



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