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Monday, March 19, 2018
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Coming on May 11th is the definitive Glenn Frey solo retrospective, the four-disc set, Above The Clouds: The Collection. Highlights on the set include such solo hits as "The Heat Is On," "The One You Love," "Part Of Me, Part Of You," "You Belong To The City," and "Smuggler's Blues," among others. In addition, the set includes a live DVD featuring Frey performing some of his most beloved Eagles classics taped live on September 15th, 1992 in Dublin, Ireland. Above The Clouds is most notable for the first CD reissue of the 1969 self-titled Longbranch/Pennywhistle album featuring Frey and frequent Eagles collaborator, J.D. Souther.

Although Souther had a hand in creating such Eagles classics as "Best Of My Love," "Victim Of Love," "Heartache Tonight," and "New Kid in Town" -- he revealed that he actually was in the band very briefly prior to their first album: "I was in the band for a day, actually. David Geffen convinced me and (laughs) probably with more difficulty, convinced Glenn (Frey) and Don (Henley) to try having me in the band. He thought: 'Two songwriters, good -- three songwriters, better!' We rehearsed and we did one show, one afternoon at the Troubadour for David Geffen and Elliot Roberts and our team. And I just remember, I remember looking sort of down the line and seeing three of us with acoustic guitars and just thinking, 'This is triple redundancy, here.' So, I bowed out of it and I think they were more relieved than I was, I think." "Jubilee Anne"
"Run, Boy, Run"
"Lucky Love"
"Kite Woman"
"Bring Back Funky Women"
"Star-Spangled Bus"
"Mister, Mister"
"Don't Talk Now"
"Never Have Enough"

  • Disc Four: DVD - Strange Weather/Live in Dublin - Recorded September 15, 1992, at the National Stadium, Dublin, Ireland
"Long Hot Summer"
"Peaceful Easy Feeling"
"New Kid In Town"
"The One You Love"
"Strange Weather"
"I've Got Mine"
"Medley: Lyin' Eyes / Take It Easy"
"Wild Mountain Theme"
"River Of Dreams"
"True Love"
"Love In The 21st Century"
"Livin' Right"
"Smuggler's Blues"
"The Heat Is On"
"Heartache Tonight"
"Party Town"


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Both serious collectors and casual fans are raving about the new Beach Boys tome, the Price & Reference Guide For The Beach Boys American Records. The book, which was complied and researched by legendary Beatles collecting aficionado Perry Cox -- along with Frank Daniels and Mark Galloway -- is the first price guide ever compiled on the band and boasts an astounding 4500 Beach Boys group and solo LP's, tapes, acetates, and CD's -- covering both commercial and promotional releases. The heavily illustrated book features over 2000 full color images and up to date current market evaluations. The Price Guide, which features an introduction by famed Brian Wilson and Beach Boys sideman Jeffrey Foskett, also includes a Canadian Beach Boys discography by noted author Piers Hemmingsen.

We caught up with author Perry Cox, who explained that this book pretty much scratches the itch of any and all Beach Boys fan: "The collecting is the funnest thing you can do, because you can cut that pie any way you want. You can collect it simply for music and this book would be a reference on to what came out and when, or you could collect it to the nth degree the way some of us do to every little thing; the reissue, the later, the this, the that. But you can pick and choose any area. Everything, seven-inch, 12-inch, CD's, tapes -- it's all there. But just as a visual, essential visual coffee table book, it's entertaining whether you collect or not, I've heard that a lot."
  • Look for Price & Reference Guide For The Beach Boys American Records at both Amazon and eBay -- or you can order it direct via


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    Once again, Paul McCartney has been spotted using public transportation. On Thursday (March 16th) -- despite his reported billion dollar worth -- "Macca" was seen riding in the second-class with the ordinary commuters, hopping on the train just as it exited London's Charing Cross station. McCartney made news last summer when he was snapped also traveling in London minding his business among the second-class passengers.

    Commuter Ollie Wong spotted the former Beatle straight away and told The Daily Mail: "He was talking on his phone saying 'I've just managed to get on a train. I'm on the train now.' I looked at him and I instantly thought, 'That's Paul McCartney!' I couldn't believe he was slumming it in second class with me.' 'I'm not normally shy when I meet celebrities, but I could tell that he didn't want any attention, so I just kept schtum too before I got off at London Bridge 10 minutes later. I didn't recognize his voice on the phone, but his face was so familiar. He was alone and he was dressed really down to earth. He just sat and quietly read. It was amazing to see a legend sat in front of you like that."

    • A while back, McCartney -- who has never stopped walking on his own in public and riding both city buses and public rails -- was asked if he's ever afraid for his safety: "I feel as safe as I've ever felt. Y'know, what are you gonna do, man? You walk down any street anywhere and you're at risk. I believe that. It's the famous people that make the big stories. But, y'know when McDonald's gets bombed, it's the 'little people' that get hurt. So we're all at risk, but the big man's gonna take us when it's time anyway, so what are you gonna do? I'm enjoying life, so I feel pretty safe."


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    A Perfect Circle guitarist James Iha is going to sit out the band's tour this spring because of his commitments to the Smashing Pumpkins reunion trek. According to Guitar World, A Perfect Circle has tapped longtime friend Greg Edwards from Failure to fill in on guitar. A statement from the band reiterated that Iha remains a member of A Perfect Circle.

    A Perfect Circle will begin its spring run on April 14th at a radio festival in Tucson, Arizona. The band's new album, Eat The Elephant, is set for release on April 20th and will be the first collection of studio recordings from the band since the 2004 covers LP eMOTive.

    • The long-awaited semi-reunion of the original Pumpkins was confirmed last month with the announcement of a 36-city North American tour that will begin in Glendale, Arizona on July 12th.
    • Joining the three charter members -- Iha, frontman William Corgan and drummer Jimmy Chamberlin -- will be Jeff Schroeder on guitar and Jack Bates on bass. Founding bassist D'arcy Wretzky will not participate, and has accused Corgan of rescinding an offer to join the reunion.
    • The show will feature material exclusively off the first five Pumpkins albums, from their debut Gish to the last LP to feature the original lineup, Machina: The Machines Of God.


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    On Tuesday (March 20th), surviving Doors members Robby Krieger and John Densmore will appear on AXS TV's The Big Interview With Dan Rather. The show, which airs at 9 pm ET, features the pair talking candidly with Rather as they "reminisce about their music, the '60s, and the life and death of Jim Morrison."

    During the upcoming Dan Rather interview, John Densmore recalls hooking up with Ray Manzarek and meeting the soon-to-be legendary Jim Morrison: "Ray, the keyboard player, said, 'Hey, I hear you're a drummer, come over to my garage and we'll jam.' Lurking in the corner is this guy; bare feet, T-shirt and cords -- really shy. Ray says, 'This is Jim, the singer.' I'm like, 'Are you kidding?' But then he hands me some lyrics: 'Day destroys the night/night divides the day/try to run/try to hide/break on through to the other side.' I'm like, 'Wow! I wanna drum to that -- immediately!'"

    • Newly released on DVD/CD and Blu-ray/CD is The Doors: Live At The Isle Of Wight 1970. The show, which was captured on August 30th, 1970, marks the band's final professionally filmed show with Jim Morrison.


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    • Bon Jovi's got another hit on their hands with "When We Were Us." The song, which is one of two recently issued on the newly expanded version of the band's chart-topping This House Is Not For Sale, entered the Billboard's Adult Contemporary radio airplay chart at Number 15. According to Billboard, "The entrance marks the highest for a non-seasonal song since Faith Hill's 'There You'll Be' also soared in at Number 15 on the chart dated June 2nd, 2001. The last non-holiday track to start higher (was) Elton John's 'You Can Make History (Young Again),' which bounded in at Number 11 on September 28th, 1996.
    • Bon Jovi performs on Tuesday (March 20th) in Little Rock, Arkansas at Verizon Arena.

    • Paul Stanley revealed why Kiss recently filed an application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to trademark "The End Of The Road." During a chat with Michael Cavacini, the "Star Child" explained the purpose of "trademarking the phrase for live performances by a musical band," saying, "It’s not the first trademark that’s been filed. I thought it was a terrific name, and I was surprised nobody had used it before. I wanted to make sure that when we used it, and there will be a time that we do, I imagine -- I wanted to be sure that we own it and it’s ours. When we wanted to go out and do the 'Hottest Show On Earth' tour, Ringling Bros. came to us and said, 'You can’t do that.' It set off a light and bell for me. We’ve always had slogans or sayings that are synonymous with us, and this was another. Everything does end, in one form or another. When it’s my time, I want to go out in style, and I want to go out guns blazing. So, when I came up with this idea, I thought let’s make sure we tie this up." (

    • Aretha Franklin canceled two concerts following doctor's orders. The "Queen Of Soul," who has announced that she will retire from the road after this year was forced to scrap her March 25th show in Newark, New Jersey as well as her April 28th appearance at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, for which Rod Stewart will take her slot. According to a statement released by her management, Franklin "has been ordered by her doctor to stay off the road and rest completely for at least the next two months, adding that she is 'extremely disappointed she cannot perform as she had expected and hoped to.'" (Vintage Vinyl News)

    • It looks as though "American Pie" singer Don McLean has a new young girlfriend. A much younger girlfriend. 24-year-old "model and social media star" Paris Dylan, has been posting photos of her and new main squeeze McLean who is a whopping 48 years older than her. McLean's domestic assault charges against his former wife of 29 years Patrisha Shnier were dropped last year, with Canoe reporting that McLean "plead guilty to misdemeanor counts of domestic violence assault, domestic violence criminal threatening, criminal mischief, and criminal restraint as part of a 'deferred disposition,' meaning the charges would be dismissed if he complied with the court’s orders over the next year."
    • On Friday (March 23rd) Don McLean will release his 19th studio album, titled Botanical Gardens.

    • Coming on May 4th is the first new Temptations album in eight years, titled, All The Time. Among the covers tackled by the Temps this time around are Sam Smith's "Stay With Me," The Weeknd's "Earned It," Ed Sheeran’s "Thinking Out Loud," and Michael Jackson's "Remember The Time." Sole-surviving original member Otis Williams said in the press release announcing the new album: "I’m 76 now. Looking back, I never could have imagined where my life has taken me. I’m so proud of what the Temptations have achieved, and I’m grateful for every opportunity we’ve been so fortunate to receive. The music carries me. Together, we lift our voices with love and wonder. We had a great time recording All The Time and we hope everyone enjoys it."



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