Community Calendar

November 11, 2023

Veteran's Day Open House

From 1:00PM to 4:00PM

Cleveland Historical Society display of local military history and personal collections. Free and open to the public. Light refreshments.

Location: 114 State Route 49, Cleveland NY

Phone: 13156758225

Nov 19th at 3:00 Musical Portraits - A special fundraising concert for the Clinton Symphony of the Mohawk Valley

- Music lovers are in for a treat this November as the CatskillSymphony Orchestra takes the stage for a stirring performance titled "MusicalPortraits." Scheduled for November 19th at 3 pm, this unique concert is organized as aspecial fundraiser for the Clinton Symphony Orchestra of the Mohawk Valley."Musical Portraits" is more than just a musical rendezvous—it is a tribute to the lateCharles Schneider. As the esteemed music director and conductor of both orchestrasfor many years, Schneider’s influence on the musical realm is immeasurable. Thisconcert not only honors his legacy but also symbolizes the deep bond between the twoorchestras and the paramount importance of live classical music.Guided by the expert baton of Glen Cortese, attendees will embark on a symphonicjourney that paints vivid imagery. The concert commences with Respighi's mesmerizing"Trittico Botticelliano." As the melodies waft through the air, they pave the way forBrahms' iconic "Variations on a Theme of Haydn." The finale, Ravel’s dreamlike "MotherGoose" in its full ballet rendition, promises to enchant every soul present, etching alasting impression of musical brilliance.As the two orchestras join forces, this event becomes a testament to the enduringpower of musical camaraderie and the indelible mark a single individual can leave onthe art form. The afternoon is not just a concert—it is an experience that emphasizesthe transformative essence of live classical performances.Tickets are now available online at Patrons also havethe unique opportunity to partake in this historical journey by opting for sponsorship andprogram advertising support. By doing so, they become collaborators in a mission touphold and champion the traditions and significance of live musical renditions.Join us for "Musical Portraits" and be part of a musical tapestry that weaves memories,pays tributes, and fuels the undying spirit of symphonic art. Let's ensure that themelodies, harmonies, and rhythms that have touched our souls continue to resonate forages to come.About The Catskill Symphony Orchestra:Established in 1953, the Oneonta based Catskill Symphony Orchestra has been theheart and soul of classical music in the Catskill and Mohawk Valley region. Composedof professional musicians from diverse backgrounds, the orchestra is dedicated topresenting enriching live performances, fostering the appreciation of classical music,and nurturing the next generation of musical talent. With a rich history of captivatingaudiences, the Catskill Symphony Orchestra has become a beacon of cultural vibrancyin the community.About The Clinton Symphony Orchestra of the Mohawk Valley:Founded in 2014, the Clinton Symphony Orchestra is a testament to the power of musicto inspire and connect communities. With a repertoire that spans classicalmasterpieces to contemporary compositions, this community orchestra hasconsistently delighted audiences, providing an unparalleled musical experience in theMohawk Valley. Beyond performances, the Clinton Symphony Orchestra is deeplycommitted to music education and community outreach, ensuring that the legacy ofclassical music thrives for years to come.

Location: Clinton Performing Arts Complex 75 Chenango Ave, Clinton NY


Phone: 315-216-8895

One Man. The Band Live @ Frogs Bar

From 7:00PM to 10:00PM

Location: 1079 Lake Rd. Oneida, NY 13421


Phone: 3152647596